Upgrade your pass.

If you already bought the commuter pass, but have decided you want to stay with us over night for the full-3-day pass. Then use this link to upgrade your pass to stay the night. 


Please note: "bunk preference" refers to which type of "roomies" you would like to bunk with during your 2 night stay. This retreat will offer a "silent" option for any attendees who prefer to be silent for part or all of the retreat. Selecting "silent" for your bunk preference does NOT mean that you intend on being silent for the entire retreat, it only means that you prefer to be silent while in your room as your prepare to fall asleep and as you wake in the morning. We also have "early birds" and "night owls" as the two other preferences. If you plan to wake early in the morning before the first session or for the early bird session, we suggest picking this option. If you plan on staying up past the last session and sleeping in a bit, we suggest that you pick the "night owl" preference. These preferences are guidelines as to be mindful of our bunk mates.

Upgrade Your Pass

Bunk preference
  • Registration is required two-weeks prior to event.

    Please note that retreat fee is non-refundable under all circumstances. Fee can be transferred to a different person if communicated at least 2 weeks in advance and if minimum retreat size is met.