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Radically Reboot Your Life

The last decade has been a journey of personal growth. I’ve experienced every emotion and have had some dark times that ultimately led me to radical growth. There was no roadmap, so I stumbled…I’d fall, and then I’d pick myself back up again. I blindly tried anything and everything to arrive at an imaginary place of peace, joy and happiness. Today, it’s no longer imaginary – its reality. It’s not by luck or chance, its science and I gladly share my learnings with you.

nothing in life is neutral

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  • Explore what vibration means

  • Learn four basic principles of vibration

  • Discover what YOUR current vibration is (YES! Bring on the quiz)

  • Explore and EXPERIENCE first-hand what lowers and raises your personal vibration

  • Leave with resources and a PERSONALIZED game plan on how to implement a few specific changes IN YOUR LIFE


You will learn in this class that it is the result of small, consistent daily choices that will RADICALLY reboot your life!

After this class, you will see yourself as having far more potential than you’ve considered before – IT’S ALL IN YOUR HANDS – you will be empowered to take charge of your life!


If you are reading this, it is no accident, you are ready to RADICALLY reboot your life!!

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Everything in the field of wellness and personal growth can and should revolve around the basic concept that every-SINGLE-thing we choose to eat, think, feel and do EITHER lowers or raises our vibration. Because of this, everyone should understand how to raise their vibration. But while many have heard vague references to the concept, very few know what it really means or how to do it.


This class will demonstrate how everything is determined by your personal frequency and how you can improve the quality of your mood, your physical health, your career, your intimate relationships, your family life and more – simply by learning and applying the concepts we will explore in this class.

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That was one of the best, most organized, visually appealing, and genuine workshops that I have been to!

Jamie, Owner of Roots Yoga

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