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Reiki training is for everyone and anyone looking to feel good! We understand how it feels to not live your best life. Don't waste another day feeling less than joy. Instead, reach your full potential as you transform into a confident, healthy, empowered individual.

We offer both in-person and online, on-demand certifications to meet the needs and unique schedules of anyone looking to be trained and attuned to Reiki.

Upcoming dates:

Reiki Level One: Nov 12 or Jan 15 or Apr 1

Reiki Level Two: Oct 9 or Dec 10

Master Training: Mar 11 + 12, 2023


Teru Reiki was developed by Cortney Martinelli. Teru meaning brilliance; this lineage is about tapping into the brilliance that resides within each individual. The teachings and training have a foundation based in the traditional Usui lineage, but with a contemporary twist for the modern-day Reiki student. It takes esoteric concepts and offers them in an easily understandable, down-to-earth method. The foundation of this program is based on scientific studies based out of Eastern State University on theories about the personal frequency of the human body. The teachings explore both physical and emotional implications of our personal frequency. This program encourages both students and clients to have a deliberate and consistent personal practice for lasting healing and teaches students how to increase their vibrational set point. Foundational to this style of Reiki: energy, vibration, empowerment, intuition, self-study and continual spiritual awakenings.


We believe you can get to know us, our program and Teru Reiki best by checking out our FAQ. 

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Cortney Martinelli

Cortney Martinelli, founder of SHINE Reiki Training, has been offering best-in-class Reiki training since 2011. Over the last decade, Cortney has worked with thousands of clients and students. She has a knack of taking esoteric concepts such as Reiki and vibration and explaining them in an easily understandable way. Cortney's personal stories, authenticity, playfulness and creativity are hallmarks of her teaching style.. If you want to learn more about all of this before embarking on the training, check out her best-selling book: Love, Reiki, Vibration. Until then, sending love, Reiki and good vibes.

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