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Class: Embodied™ Reiki Certification

Teacher: Lorraine Williams or Cortney Martinelli

Duration: 7 hours

(includes student kit) $75 Value

Class Dates: July 13 or November 2

Class time: 9a-4pm

Prerequisite for the course: Student must have taken at least Reiki Level Two certification.


Introducing the next generation of healing. This prolific and original training is offered to you for your own exploration, as ultimately, you are invited to embody Reiki for yourself and then share that knowledge and practice with your clients. The certification will share six distinct tools that a practitioner can use for themselves and others. 


Target audience for this course: For experienced practitioners or those looking to embody the teachings of polarity and bridge the gap between their vibration and the “sweet spot” range. For those looking to increase their set-point and the set-point of their clients.


What is the focus of this certification: Traditional Reiki is about raising someone’s vibration for momentary relief/healing; Embodied™ Reiki is about raising someone’s set-point for lasting healing. It’s the next level of healing because it offers more than a temporary fix. Instead, it is about empowering and educating the client so that they too can embody the teachings. Embodied™ Reiki serves as a more active approach to healing for both the practitioner and the client. It is about embodying three journeys: fear to love, judgment to allowance and resist to embrace. This is done by using six distinct tools, which are outlined below.


Key topics:

  • Embodied Reiki Defined + Explored

  • Vibration vs Set-point

  • Map of Consciousness (low mind vs high mind)

  • Polarity

  • Bridging the Gap

  • Spotting Pitfalls

  • How to Practice Embodied™ Reiki

  • Receive the Embodied™ Reiki Attunement to 4 Symbols

  • Six Distinct Embodied™ Reiki Tools

    • Polarity Stones

    • Embody the Light Meditation

    • Three Embodied™ Reiki Symbols

    • Seihantai (Polarity) Dice

    • Taigen Cards

    • Hashi Attunement (to be used with clients)

Traditional vs Embodied™ Reiki

Traditional Reiki

Raises an individual's vibration

Temporary fix

Client takes a passive role in healing

Tools for practitioner

Embodied™ Reiki

Raises an individual’s set-point

Potential for lasting healing

Client takes an active role in healing

Tools for both practitioner + client

why take

in student kit

Please note: These tools are unique to Embodied™ Reiki and will not be found anywhere else. Student Kit items are included with certification and some items can also be purchased separately by the client. 

Polarity Stones

Sunstone + Moonstone

Stones are use within the Biofield to release and balance energy trapped in the "ditches" and ancestral rivers. 

Taigen Cards

Bridge + Flash Cards

Deck of 37 cards. Eighteen Bridge Cards used to move from low mind to high mind. The other cards within the deck are Flash Cards used to educate + empower both practitioners and clients.

Seihantai Dice

216 Polarity Variations

Three dice are used as a divination tool. Each dice representing a different aspect of your energetic make-up. Used to help identify what Expression is most active and requesting your attention. Seihantai Dice answer the question: What is my soul trying to tell me in this moment? 

Expressions = Health, Relationships, Career, Wealth, Intimate love and Purpose


Plus Handouts

Resources included: Symbols Recap; Step-by-step process for Hashi Attunement; Polarity Stones and Biofield explanations


Taigen Cards - Advanced Reiki Training
Seihantai Dice - Emboded Reiki - Advanced Reiki

other resources

Embody the light meditation

Embody the Light Meditation Recording 10 minutes
00:00 / 10:12


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