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SHINE was created out of the concept to collaborate with other souls; bring their passion to life and encourage and EMPOWER them to share it with the world - SHINE! 


Thank you for visiting us, we are excited to meet you!


First and foremost, SHINE is about educating and empowering people. And although, we constructed the Light House (aka our Education + Retreat Center) in 2020, we are not a building or a location. We are a feeling, an energy, a community - so regardless if you meet us at the Light House, one of our satellite offices or franchise locations, in a school, at a local business, through one of our books or hosting a retreat or festival - we promise we will be SHINING! Our energy extends past any physical, tangible space.



Currently, SHINE hosts 150+ events each year while partnering with many like-minded businesses and teachers/speakers. We strive to create lasting, meaningful partnerships. Not only with our students and clients , but with our teachers and other small businesses too!


People travel from all over the United States to attend our wide array of classes and certifications  at our Education + Retreat Center located in Kent, Ohio - just minutes away from Kent State University, including weekly yoga classes - all-levels and Akasha Yoga™. 


Also, we offer a wide-range of corporate trainings, trainings for athletes/coaches  and host weekend and one-day retreats. Annually we host our flagship 6-month Vibration Mastery Program™ for those looking to take a deeper dive into the practice. Please see a full list of our events here including our New Year Symposium and spring festival SHINEfest

If you are looking for more individual attention, we offer many private 1x1 sessions, individual coaching and an 8-week online program (A New Way™). 

We also provide Design Services and Book Services - after spending 25 years working with a Fortune 100 company and self-publishing over a dozen books, we now love spending time working with individuals and businesses helping to develop their stories; developing content and creating visually inspired communications and books. 

Meet our founder, Cortney Martinelli.

Check out what our past guests/students have to say about us via our Google Reviews.

A few words about the Light House - located at 5190 Cline Rd Kent, Ohio

The Light House sits on an acre of untouched, unmanicured grounds; the five-acre property adjacent to the Light House provides a large pond, many trees including a forest canopy – all with an inspirational, sacred feel. As you walk along the grounds, leaving nothing but your footprints behind, one can watch for additional signs that give interesting information and encouraging words.

The Light House was constructed in 2020, but before that - the nature that surrounded the area called forth a caretaker of the energy. Because the building sits on a vortex, when inside, individuals are easily coaxed into a state of higher vibrations. The land doesn’t just want to serve as a beautiful backdrop to the work that is done within the four walls of the Light House, but rather – it calls to those that are ready. And once one arrives, the space helps to support, assist and guide individuals and groups through their spiritual work.


I am so thankful to have met Cortney, as she’s helped bring so much peace into my life! Aside from being a gifted practitioner and thoughtful teacher, Cortney is one of - if not the most - positive, inspiring, and uplifting people that I’ve had the good fortune to know.

SHINE Student


our location

We are located at 5190 Cline Rd, Kent Ohio just minutes away from KSU and Dix Stadium.

Please note: There are two entrances into this property, if you find yourself at a security gate, you are at the wrong entrance. The correct entrance has a sign that says “Welcome to SHINE”

If you are attending a certification at our location, we encourage you to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to settle into your spot before the start of class. To be respectful of everyone's schedule, we like to start right on time. We know that a lot of our students are driving from further distances, so we open the door typically 20 minutes before the class start time. 

We encourage attendees to dress in layers; the education center has tall ceilings and often the heat rises and can sometimes become a little chilly.



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