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About Us


SHINE was created out of the concept to connect and collaborate with others; bring their passions to life and encourage + empower them to

share it with the world - SHINE! 


First and foremost, SHINE is about educating and empowering people. And although, we constructed the Light House in 2020, we are not a building or a location. We are a feeling, an energy, a community - our energy extends past any physical, tangible space.

we believe

+ When you "feel" good, you "do" good

+ Mindset matters

+ Deliberate and consistent practices transform your life

lasting partnerships

Shine is a trusted name in Education! Currently, SHINE hosts 150+ events each year while partnering with many businesses and individuals. We strive to create lasting, meaningful partnerships. Not only with our students and clients, but with our community!


People travel from all over the US to attend our wide range of classes and certifications  at our main campus in Kent, Ohio, making our center a destination site for wellness and education. 


Also, we help people write and publish their stories, host corporate trainings, public + private retreats and bring people together at our symposiums and festivals. Annually we hold extended programs for advanced yoga trainings and self-transformations.

If you are looking for more individual attention, we also offer private sessions, private retreats and individual coaching.


"I am so thankful to have met Cortney, as she’s helped bring so much peace into my life! Aside from being a gifted practitioner and thoughtful teacher, Cortney is one of - if not the most - positive, inspiring, and uplifting people that I’ve had the good fortune to know."


Our Location

Our main campus is located at 5190 Cline Rd, Kent Ohio just minutes away from KSU and Dix Stadium.


There are two entrances into this property, if you find yourself at a security gate, you are at the wrong entrance. The correct entrance has a sign that says “Welcome to SHINE” with a bright colorful mural on the front of the building.


We hold events at both our 1,800 square foot Education + Retreat Center (aka the Light House) and our quaint and cozy second studio (aka the Nest). If your class or event is in the Nest, you will park in the same parking lot - in front of the main building - and then cross the bridge to the left of the main building and follow the signs to the second studio (a one-minute walk among the trees). 

If you are attending a certification at our location, we encourage you to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to settle before the start of class. To be respectful of everyone's schedule, we like to start right on time. We know that a lot of our students are driving from further distances, so we open the door typically 20 minutes before the class start time. 

We encourage attendees to dress in layers; the education center has tall ceilings and often the heat rises and can sometimes become a little chilly.

Shine Kent Campus Map



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