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Seihantai Dice

216 Polarity Variations

Three dice are used as a divination tool. Each dice representing a different aspect of your energetic make-up. Used to help identify what Expression is most active and requesting your attention. 

Expressions = Health, Relationships, Career, Wealth,

Intimate love and Purpose

Directions: While holding the dice, ask the question, “What is my soul trying to tell me in this moment?” Once you roll the dice, use the descriptions provided for each colored dice to interpret what is most active in you right now.

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Three ways to explore Seihantai Dice


Become a certified Embodied™ Reiki practitioner; the next generation of healing

Book a Session

When you book an Embodied™ Reiki session, a Seihantai Dice reading is included

Purchase the Dice

Just like Tarot Cards, you can use the dice

to get a "read" on your energy


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