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This style combines the 8-limbs of yoga with the exploration of the Akasha. When we talk about the Akasha, the primary substance, we are referring to energy in its first and earliest state – before it has been directed by our individual thoughts and actions in this lifetime. 


During an Akasha Yoga™ class, we explore tapping into this energy field for the purpose of three intentions: inquiry, imprint and integration. During practice eight fields are used: sacred prayer, guided meditation, asanas, chanting, sound, breath, reflection, foundational truths. 


Akasha Yoga Teacher Training



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There are infinite reasons to practice Akasha Yoga™, however we believe all of these reasons fall into three human intentions:

  1. Inquiry: guidance, direction, “the question”

  2. Imprint: create, manifest, take possibilities to actualization

  3. Integration: healing, expansion and better treatment of oneself



The purpose of the inquiry intention is to receive guidance and direction.

Inquiry is where we ask a question and offer it up to the Guides of the Akasha. The guides are a group of non-physical energy, here to help guide and support you in this lifetime. They are not prescribing a purpose or a journey for you. Instead, they commune with you with the singular purpose of advancing your soul. The more you tap into the frequency of the Akasha with the intention of inquiry, the stronger your intuition will become on and off your mat.


During an Inquiry Akasha Yoga™ class, we will start with a guided mediation. Progress through yoga asanas and end with an extended period of reflection before reciting the closing sacred prayer.



The purpose of the imprint intention is to create, manifest and take possibilities to actualization.

When we talk about the Akasha as the primary substance, we are referring to the energy in its earliest stages before it has been directed by our individual thoughts in any lifetime. This primary substance can indeed be guided by the mind. It is where all things are born by the power of our thoughts – we literally imprint upon the primary substance and bring it into existence. Our thoughts create our world. We use tools such as guided meditation, daydreaming, affirmations to imprint upon the primary substance.


During an Imprint Akasha Yoga™ class, we will start with the sacred prayer. Then, progress through yoga asanas and end with sacred chanting and an extended guided meditation before reciting the closing sacred prayer.



The purpose of the integration intention is for healing, expansion and better treatment of oneself.

The goal is to shift your energy into a high frequency so Truth can be recognized. The Ultimate Goal is to become so elevated that you fall in love with every aspect of yourself. The permanent resolution of any problem requires a permanent evolution of the soul. When you set out to integrate with the Akasha, the energy of the Akasha meets your human energy and a vibrational alchemy takes place. On the human plane this translates into us releasing negative emotions and repetitive thought patterns.


During an Integration Akasha Yoga™ class, we will start with the sacred prayer and brief guided meditation. Then, sacred chanting, that will lead us to our yoga asanas. We end with an extended period of reflection before reciting the closing sacred prayer.


opportunities to EXPERIENCE

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Akasha Yoga™ Founder

Teaching at SHINE's Kent Campus

5190 Cline Road, Kent Ohio


Certified Akasha Yoga™ Pioneer Teacher

Teaching at Rising Sun and Shine Main Campus


If you are a yoga instructor interested in being one of the pioneer Akasha Yoga™ teachers helping us bring this unique and powreful practice to the world, send your resume to

Yoga Studios

If you own or manage a yoga studio and are interested in bringing the practice of Akasha Yoga™ to your community, send any email to Cortney at

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What is happening energetically when we practice Akasha Yoga™

We, in our physical bodies, transition from a state of ordinary human consciousness to a state of extraordinary universal consciousness in which we recognize our Oneness with the Divine. This is the truest version of who we are, where we break through the illusion of separation. In this state of consciousness, we can perceive and transmit the impressions and frequencies of the Akasha.

What is contained in the Akasha

All wisdom lives within the primary substance and when you are within the frequency due to your own alignment, you can access it. However, the Akasha is so vast, our human minds can not even begin to comprehend its expansiveness – because it is infinite. And therefore, It would not be useful to have total access to the entirety of the Akasha at any given moment and it would be impossible for us to decipher. Moreover, It is changing and expanding constantly - it is so sensitive that the slightest vibration in the Universe registers a permanent impression upon it. This is why Akasha Yoga™ is a practice, a journey, and not a destination. It is believed that we know less than 2 percent of what is going on at any given moment; the human brain receives eleven million pieces of information every second from its environment, yet it can only process 40 bits per second. The keepers of the Akasha, will disseminate the useful information to an individual in a way that can be received. And one must trust that is exactly what is being sought after on the soul level in this very moment.


Spiritual Independence

Up until recently, the Akasha was mainly accessed by mystics, saints and scholars. However, humanity has moved from the age of dependence on an outside authority to spiritual independence and responsibility. This spiritual independence is marked by individuals knowing that they have direct access to their Source and Akasha Yoga™ is a powerful way to cultivate this relationship. It is the essence of who we are and denying this truth is denying our essence.


In Akasha Yoga™ a sacred prayer is offered to students to initiate the conversation with one’s true essence.

The sacred prayer allows individuals a way into the frequency of the Akasha through sound vibrations of the spoken word; energetically speaking, the prayer is the access code which enables one to enter, experience and exit the Akasha successfully. The sacred prayer serves as a bridge to connect you to this higher frequency. 

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