Shinrin Yoku at the Light House

When one hears forest bathing, the first visual that might come to mind is one swimming in water. Although, a good forest bathing location includes water, it usually does not include swimming in water. The concept of “bathing” comes from the idea that the air in the forest is like an ocean where one completely immerses themselves. Although the term forest bathing is a relatively new term, coined in 1982 by Tomohide Akiyama, this practice – also known as Shinrin Yoku – is an ancient Japanese practice. One that has many health benefits when practiced regularly.


Each experience will include:

  • Learn and prepare for your experience with a 45 minute intro workshop before the practice
  • Be guided on a 1.5 hour experience/practice
  • Tea ceremony
  • Sharing Circle
  • Each experience will include a partnership with another high-vibrational activity
  • Please note: Total experience is 3-3.5 hours


Preregistration is required

Guide: Cortney Martinelli

Location: 5190 Cline Rd, Kent Oh 44240

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Please note before committing to the event: Event fees are non-refundable. No refunds, transfers or credits are allowed.

Forest Bathing