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14 Days of Breath Challenge with SHINE

Explore a different breathing technique each day for 14 days.

Breath is associated with prana, thus, breathwork is a means to manage our life-force energy. It is often overlooked and under-rated as one of the quickest and simplest ways to master our energy; whether looking to restore our nervous system to “rest + digest” or as a means to bring active energy into the moment. This challenge will not only walk you through each breathing technique but will help you identify which breath to use in which situation.


This 14-day challenge is for any individual that is looking to deepen their own practice of breathwork or teach/guide others through the practice. Learning about these breathing techniques can provide an interesting addition to yoga, reiki, psychotherapy, professional life coaching, expressive arts, meditation, PTSD rehabilitation and more. Individual guides can incorporate their current modalities to bring fresh new ideas to their practice.


14 Days of Breath with SHINE, starting November 11. There’s two options for this challenge:

  • Online only
  • Online + in-person (limited spots)


Here’s how it works:

  • The morning of November 11, you will receive an email with information of how to access your 14-day challenge via our online platform.
  • On this morning, you will have access to the first “breath” and then each day after for 13 days a new breath exploration will be ready for you.
  • The breath videos will be 7 minutes or less and will be accompanied by an informational one-pager about that breathing technique and its uses.


Further details below.


Online Only

$39 – 14 Days of Breath: Explore and learn about one new breath each day for 14 days


Via our online platform we deliver 14 Days of Breath directly to your computer, iPhone or tablet. Each day you will have access to a new breath exploration.


Online + in-person

$69 – 14 Days of Breath: Explore one 5-minute devotion each day + November 13 + 20, we meet in person


In addition to the 14-online lessons/practices, you are also invited to in person workshops on November 13 + 20 for a special 90-minute workshop/experience centered around breath. 


Monday, November 13

6pm – Breath + Yoga workshop with Amy

Explore 5 breathing techniques with parallel yoga movements, which will slowly arc as we come into an active fire breath (Kapalabhati)/practice and then end with restorative breathing and movement. 


Monday, November 20

6pm – Akasha Yoga workshop with Cortney

The focus of this workshop will be on Infinity Breathing and the concept of infinity within the Akasha Yoga framework.


Breath exploration: Dirgha, Nadi Shodana, Sheetali, Kapalabhati, 4-7-8, Infinity, Anuloma Viloma, Restorative, Chandra Bhedana, Surya Bhedana, Bhramari, 360, Sama-Vritti, Viloma


Please note before committing to the event: Challenge fees are non-refundable. 

14 Days of Breath

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