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Happy, Healthy Aging: A Mini-Retreat on Being Badass at any Age



Let’s give this topic the space and time it deserves. In fact, did you know that menopause is the next billion-dollar industry, just behind aging – companies are popping up everywhere trying to sell us the next best thing to make us feel better, look better, be better. But Alas, there’s one thing that trumps every bottle of pills and cream – and that’s our MINDSET.



Did that hit you like a ton of bricks? If not, go back and read that again!


Are you ready to join us for a leading-edge mini-retreat where we talk about being a badass at any age?!


This mini-retreat is designed to:

+ shift your mindset about aging

+ give you an opportunity to share and talk about societal + personal perceptions holding you back

+ educate you about what happens in the body with aging, peri/menopause

+ give you food options that will support you as you age

+ educate you about healthy movement + sleep hacks


We will end with a self-care session – where Access Bars practitioners will support us in releasing thoughts that no longer serve us about aging.

Immediately following is our closing ceremony with Ted and Cortney.



Date: Sunday, August 25

Location: Shine Ohio 5190 Cline Rd Kent Ohio

Cost: $129 ($99 first six people to sign up)

A collaborative experience with: Cortney, Ted, Tracy, Angela, Lorraine + Brenda




What this mini-retreat is:

+ A new way to look at aging

+ A forward-focused discussion

+ An opportunity to sow the soil and plant new seeds


What this mini-retreat is not:

+ A support group about menopause (we are tackling this from a much higher plane)

+ A looking back at what was

+ A place to vent and complain (although, we understand why some would want to – we are going to tell you why that’s not helpful)



Please note before committing:  fees are non-refundable, but credit will be issued for future event if cancelled at least 5 days prior to event due to the limit number of spaces available.

Happy, Healthy, Aging: Retreat

$129.00 Regular Price
$109.00Sale Price
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