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Class: Animal Reiki Certification

Teacher: Cortney Martinelli or Amanda Shaw

Duration: 4.5 hours

Tuition: $140

Class Dates 2022: Oct 18 or Dec 8 

Class Dates 2023: Feb 24, May 19, Oct 6

Class Time: 4:30pm - 9:00pm

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Animal Reiki is a special adaptation to the traditional Reiki practice specifically for pets and other animals. It can offer pain and stress reduction techniques, with both a heart-centered and hands-on approach.


Reiki Level One training is a prerequisite to our Animal Reiki certification. If you are NOT certified in Reiki Level One, then you have two options.

  1. Option One: sign up for Reiki Level One training and afterwards, sign up for Animal Reikcertification (seen here on this page)

  2. Option Two: sign up for the combined training called Intro to Reiki plus Animal Reiki certification

If at any time you plan on offering Reiki to other (humans) other than yourself, we encourage option one, if you are only taking Reiki training to work with animals, we recommend option two.

Target audience for this course: Certification is designed for those who have animal companions, those who care for animals, those who work or volunteer with animals such as but not limited to veterinarian, shelters, groomers, animal trainers etc.


Prerequisites for the course: Students must have completed a minimum of Reiki Level One training. It is also very beneficial to have Reiki Level Two, but that is not a requirement.


Setting expectations for students:

  • What is the focus of this certification: This certification class will give you the ability to take a more active role in animal health and well-being and strengthen your relationship to the animal companions in your life.

  • What key topics will be part of the training:

    1. Reiki overview

    2. Understand animal Reiki and how it is different from working with our human friends

    3. Steps to an Animal Reiki session

    4. Specifics for dogs, cats, horses and dying animals

    5. Work with animal chakras and how to test them prior to a session for guidance

    6. Understand and work with guardian relationships

    7. Receive a special stone to be used during animal Reiki sessions

    8. Learn about a special animal Reiki symbol

    9. Attunement to this animal Reiki symbol


Breakdown of training:

  • 4.5 – Total time in hours including breaks

  • 50% - Lecture, 25% - Discussion, 25% - Activity


Bring with you to class:

  • dinner/snack and water

  • Pendulum to be used for chakra testing (if you do not already have a pendulum, you may purchase one at the time of registration as a “add-on” to class).

Preregistration is required. A minimum of 4 students is required for this class, if the minimum is not met, the class will be rescheduled for another date and time.

This is what I have been waiting for! This class not only opened my eyes to the animal world, but it helped me to understand humans even more too! It was Brilliant! Thank you!

Megan - Reiki Student