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Our Kindness Shack, located in front of the Light House or out in the community.

There you will find Cortney and Ted living out their singular mission of spreading kindness.

Whether you need an uplifting conversation, a hug, or just a spot of sunshine in your day,

we got you covered.

Stop on down: 5190 Cline Rd Kent, Ohio.

be part of the fun

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If you would like to sponsor a future Kindness Shack event, pitch us your idea!

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Be an official SHINE Vibe Tribe. Revenue from all tees support our kindness efforts.

Have you been touched by kindness? Or do you have an idea for a future kindness event? We’d love to hear – share it with us!

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shine it forward

Want to help us spread kindness?  Kindness is like medicine because it can heal, but with only GOOD side effects. Both the giver and the receiver of kindness experience the release of serotonin in the body. This feel-good hormone heals, calms and increases positive thoughts and actions.

If you aren't able to be part of one of our upcoming events, we welcome you and hope that you decide to SHINE IT FORWARD on your own. Each time you spread kindness it starts a chain reaction. Can you imagine what this world would be like if every person did one act of kindness each and every day? Help us inspire others by ordering your FREE set of SHINE IT FORWARD cards. And spread the word by posting on social sites; the more people we can inspire, the kinder this world will be. 




Use code KINDNESS at check out

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