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Become an author with Shine - Stories of Alchemy

introducing 12 new authors

Thirteen unique individuals share intimate glimpses into their lives with stories of triumph as they turned their pain into purpose. These stories will inspire and empower you to find the meaning in your own life. The book masterfully includes running commentary that ties each of the stories together while imparting on the reader spiritual truths and lessons that can unlock one’s greatest potential!

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Author + Chapter Summary: 

Retired corporate trainer and TEDx speaker: He shares the moment in his life when everything changed and how the use of imagination unlocked the magic and greatest potential in his life.

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Author + Chapter Summary: 

Wellness Spa and Apothecary Retail owner: After decades of suffering from chronic pain with no answers in sight, Erica had no choice but to forge her own path. In doing so, she went on the most miraculous journey of her life. It took her to Belize, Costa Rica, and then California where she studied with Chief Haru of the Kuntanawa tribe of the Amazon rainforest.

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Author + Chapter Summary: 

Food truck and future café owner: In this raw account, Ariel shares stories from her childhood that led her to trying to commit suicide, as she turned her life around, she wants others in a seemingly impossible situation to know that there are other options and a beautiful life ahead.

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Author + Chapter Summary: 

Yogi and Reiki practitioner: Victoria shares her near-death experience which led her to a chance encounter with the “Silhouette” and a life of knowing there was more than meets the eye.

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Abby and Ashley

Author + Chapter Summary: 

Mental health providers and LGBTQIA+ business owners: Early trauma left them feeling alone and abandoned, until they found solace in a community who accepted and loved them unconditionally. Now they want to be that support for others.



Author + Chapter Summary: 

Mother of five, now an empty nester: On her 30th birthday, after living in someone else’s story for decades, she decided to write her own. Now, 54 years old, she looks back in wonder at how it resembles many of the infamous fairytales she admired as a youth including a castle, a prince and her happily ever after (with a twist).

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Author + Chapter Summary: 

Alcohol-Free Living Coach: She relates wayfinding in her early childhood as a way to discovering her way back to her authentic life as an adult and encourages others to leave behind the societal norms that might be holding them back.

Brittany Cogdeill Headshot.jpg


Author + Chapter Summary: 

Mom and young professional: She shares her grief, wisdom and the miracles that came with losing her son, Austin, just eleven short days after being born.

Giovanna headshot for bio.JPG


Author + Chapter Summary: 

Yoga studio owner: From an early age, Giovanna knew she was different. Unfortunately, a neurologic condition was left undiagnosed which left her creating an unhealthy narrative for herself for decades. Once diagnosed, she finally understood her kryptonite and was able to overcome her difficulties.

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Author + Chapter Summary: 

Time traveler: A life of adventure, fast living, famous friends and riches; after his father and touchstone passed, he realized the true power of his magical gift.



Author + Chapter Summary: 

Author, animal lover and avid hugger: Looking for love in all the wrong places, Tracy looked to a dog with special needs as a way to restore hope and meaning back into her life.

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Book Narrator 

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