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Tap into the wisdom of your soul!


akasha circle

Explore your alignment and tap into your own guidance and wisdom. Love, laughter + connection!

akashic reading

A private 90-minute session where you pose up to three questions to your guides for support and guideance.

akashic records

Learn to tap into your own records for guidance and support. Both in-person + online courses available.

akasha yoga

A 75-minute yoga class that explores the intentions of:





Are you a certified yoga teacher looking to expand your practice and your offerings?

what is the akasha?

It wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t even know how to say the word “Akasha” – let alone understand what it “was.” Over three years, I have dived headfirst into the teachings. More than anything, I have explored what it meant to ME. And then found meaningful ways to share it with others.


I remember 15+ years ago having this same feeling – a feeling of wanting to share Reiki with the world because I experienced its benefits deeply. Now, Reiki is rather mainstream. It is seen in our hospitals, at schools, with athletes and in corporate America. I personally have partnered with over 30+ businesses to bring Reiki to their communities; certified over a thousand students and worked with thousands of clients.


And now, I have dreams of doing the same with the Akasha.


It might be a lofty dream. But I feel very inspired after having some of the most magical experiences as a teacher.  


So, what is the Akasha? The word Akasha is a Sanskrit word and it means ethers, space or sky. I refer to it as the primary substance or “the broader, eternal, perspective.” And that is because everything is born out of the Akasha, it also contains everything that has ever been thought, said, believed and everything that has yet to be created – every future possibility.


I hope to be a steward of the teachings. I hope to make it feel normal to people. Because I believe at our core, it is the connection to this relationship that ultimately drives everything we do. It is what everyone is seeking – even though we might not know it or be able to articulate it.

We hope to meet people where they are at – and so - we offer several different ways to experience and explore the Akasha.

  • Akasha Yoga™ practice

  • Akasha Yoga Teacher Training (for certified yoga teachers)

  • Akashic Records Reading (1x1 private session)

  • Akashic Records Certification (learn to open your own records)

  • Akasha Circle (a group experience)

  • Order Cortney's book Cracked Open

We hope to explore with you soon!

Deepest love,

Cortney + Shine

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