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Become an author with Shine - Epiphany book

introducing 9 new authors,

one book!

Nine unique individuals share intimate glimpses into their lives with stories of triumph as they were awakened to their TRUTH. These stories will inspire and empower you to find the meaning in your own life. The book masterfully includes running commentary that ties each of the stories together while imparting on the reader spiritual truths and lessons that can unlock many of your own epiphanies!

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Recovering perfectionist, seeking vulnerability: Kristine took on cancer like she did everything else, determined to get through it as perfectly and quietly as possible. Until she met Laura, then, everything changed!

"Peering beyond my physical reflection in hopes of discovering something I could recognize, a deeper ache emerged. I never knew myself to begin with. How tragic to die without ever living. Without ever knowing the person who lives inside.”

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Nurse and perpetual giver: Life changed one day when Cindy found herself asking the question, “What could a single person do to make a palpable change on this beautiful earth?” – A few years later, Cindy found herself in a unique group, designated to less than 100 people in the United States. 

“An urgent plea from a desperate mother, named Gina, surrounded a picture of an adorable 9-month-old baby girl, Mara. Intrigued, I scanned the post…”

Wesley picture.jpg


A man of adventure: A near death experience at the age of 11 changed the way he interacted with life as he now vows to never let a single moment go by unappreciated.

“Then, I was transported to what looked like my bedroom as an infant. I saw me, as a baby, being held by a woman. She was rocking me in her arms and comforting me with a lullaby. It was a song my mother used to sing to me as a young child, but the woman was not my mother.”

Anna headshot v2 bw.jpg


Successful business owner and mother: After keeping a secret and wearing a mask for decades, words spoken to her by her daughter snapped her out of her nightmare and into her new unfamiliar life.

“My awakening happened in an instant. It was a snap, a sudden raw realization that sent electrical shockwaves through my entire body. And from that moment, I never looked at life the same.”

Vicki COVER PHOTO - 1x1 small.jpg


Boss lady and mindset guru: Vicki started the Akron Franchise of Two Men and a Truck as the 45th franchise back in 1995. After decades of success, was she missing her true calling of bringing healing to the world?

“The day after my birthday, he passed away peacefully in his sleep. On November 3, 2020, I not only lost my dad but I also lost my business partner.”

Adalyn headshot.jpg


Shadow Work Coach and Healer: Adalyn Jamesly is living the life of her dreams. After suffering for years with depression, anxiety, and PTSD from unhealed trauma and self-limiting beliefs she figured out a plan to heal herself, by herself.

"The physical transition was nothing compared to the mental transition that needed to happen. For several years I experienced much trauma and a continued cycle of sexual abuse. There was a lack of direction in my life, and I was chasing anything that would make me feel emotionally grounded."

Cortney_Harvest headshot.jpg


Speaker, Practitioner and Teacher: For years Cortney was on a journey of personal growth. There was no roadmap, so she would stumble and fall, but would always pick herself back up again rebounding stronger than before. She blindly tried anything and everything to arrive at an imaginary place of peace, joy and happiness, until it became her reality. But was the reality a lie? 

“But here’s the thing - for years – I was teaching students (and myself) bogus information. Well, to be fair to myself, it wasn’t “bogus” – but it was only half of the story.”

Colleen headshot.jpg


Cancer survivor and love seeker: One day Colleen woke up and realized while trying so hard to accommodate everyone else, she had given up her own identity and self-love. Now, she was going to fight to get it back.

“D saw me at what felt like my worst, but in reality, I think it was my best.”



Retired corporate trainer and TED Talk speaker: While driving home one night, Ted listened to a fated interview on the radio that changed his life forever; the term ‘And then some’ never left his mind again.

“I paused because I was trying to think of the last time that I did anything for someone, both professionally and personally, and did not expect them to notice or appreciate me.” 

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