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Light House

by Cortney Martinelli


Part 1 – Spiritual Contracts

We come here, making sacred promises to each other before we arrive.

I like to refer to those promises as spiritual contracts.

Each person we meet along our path, is an encounter with the divine. Regardless of how they show up, we can learn from them all.

Each verse in this part shares some of my greatest learnings and honors these contracts.


Part 2 – Spiritual Truths

I’m not a master, but I am an apprentice. We all are.

I’ve had dark times where I was searching for the light. Small glimpses that eventually led to the flood gates being busted wide open. The light guided me to radical growth and a personal mission to share universal truths with others.

Each verse in this part shares pointers, that I refer to as spiritual truths.

These truths, once practiced, lead to mastery.

Light House softcover

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