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Human Design Charts 

"The Book of You"

This 60+ page book can be ordered for you or a loved one. 

Please note: If you attended our Human Design workshop, some of the information you recieved during that workshop is the exact same, however, their is additional information - including details about your gates, incarnation cross, varibles, career type. 


Here's how it works:

  • Provide name for chart
  • Provide exact time, date and city location of your loved ones birth
  • Within one week, Cortney will create the Human Design chart and email it to you as a pdf document

Please note: this is for a pdf file ONLY, not a printed book or a private reading. If you would like to schedule a private reading, which includes the same information with a printed book, please use this link instead


You may purchase unlimited charts for loved ones at $45/person

Please note:

Without a precise birth time there are aspects of a Human Design Chart that we won’t be able to discern. Most of these aspects are advanced - for example, there are at least 4 gate changes during any 24-hour period. These differences don’t detract from the value of an initial, foundational Human Design reading. If you do not provide an exact time, we use noon on the date of birth. 


Before purchasing:

There are no refunds after purchase. 

Human Design Chart

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