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Embodied™ Healing Workshop

Time: 6-8pm

Teacher: Lorraine Williams


This workshop is an intro to Embodied™ Reiki.

This workshop is open to anyone. You do not have to be a practitioner to attend this workshop.

Embodied™ Reiki places the individual in the driver’s seat as one learns how to embody the principles and takes an active role in one’s own healing.


During this 2-hour workshop, you will receive an overview of Embodied™ Reiki and then learn about and experiences key tools within the practice: Seihantai Dice, Polarity Stones, Hashi Attunement.


The Three Polarities:

  • Fear to Love
  • Judgement to Allowance
  • Resistance to Embrace

These polarities are constantly present in our life and in Embodied™ Reiki we learn to work with them for lasting healing and transformation.


You will also learn about Seihantai Dice and how to use them. Seihantai Dice, a divination tool, similar to tarot, is used to ask the singular question - What does my soul want me to know in this moment? – for guidance on six distinct expressions in your life: Health, Relationships, Career, Wealth, Intimate Love, and Purpose.


Learn about the biofield and how Embodied™ Reiki Polarity Stones can be used to free trapped energy in the biofield and blockages in your “ancestral rivers., along with balancing out the yin-yang aspects of your energy.


The workshop ends with a Hashi Attunement. Hashi meaning bridge in Japanese; this attunement is a catalyst to bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


In addition to this workshop, we also offer a certification for Reiki practitioners to advance their personal and professional practices.


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Please note before committing to this event: Class fees are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a different person/date if communicated 48 hours prior to the class date. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer credits for late cancels or no-shows due to the limited number of spaces available - thank you for understanding.

Embodied™ Healing Workshop

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