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Study with Cortney Martinelli - Best-selling author and Reiki Master who has trained hundreds of students and worked with thousands of clients. Start your journey on the leading edge.


Class: Embodied™ Reiki Certification

Teacher: Cortney Martinelli

Duration: 7 hours

Time: 9a-4:00p

Tuition: $295 (includes student kit)


Student kit includes:

  • Polarity Stones - Sunstone + Moonstone
  • Taigen Flash Cards
  • Seihantai (Polarity) Dice
  • Student Workbook
  • Handouts/Resources


Introducing the next generation of healing. This prolific and original training is offered to you for your own exploration, as ultimately, you are invited to embody Reiki for yourself and then share that knowledge and practice with your clients. The certification will share six distinct tools that a practitioner can use for themselves and others. 


Target audience for this course: For experienced practitioners or those looking to embody the teachings of polarity and bridge the gap between their vibration and the “sweet spot” range. For those looking to increase their set-point and the set-point of their clients.


Prerequisites for the course: Reiki Level Two certified 


What is the focus of this certification: Traditional Reiki is about raising someone’s vibration for momentary relief/healing; Embodied™ Reiki is about raising someone’s set-point for lasting healing. It’s the next level of healing because it offers more than a temporary fix. Instead, it is about empowering and educating the client so that they too can embody the teachings. Embodied™ Reiki serves as a more active approach to healing for both the practitioner and the client. It is about embodying three journeys: fear to love, judgment to allowance and resist to embrace. This is done by using six distinct tools, which are outlined below.


Key topics:

  • Embodied Reiki Defined + Explored
  • Vibration vs Set-point
  • Map of Consciousness (low mind vs high mind)
  • Polarity
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Six Distinct Embodied™ Reiki Tools
    • Polarity Stones
    • Embody the Light Meditation
    • Three Embodied™ Reiki Symbols
    • Seihantai (Polarity) Dice
    • Taigen Flash Cards
    • Hashi Attunement (to be used with clients)
  • Spotting Pitfalls
  • How to Practice Embodied™ Reiki
  • Receive the Embodied™ Reiki Attunement to 4 Symbols


Breakdown of training:

  • 7 – Total time in hours including breaks
  • 50% - Lecture, 25% - Discussion, 25% - Activity


Bring with you to class:

  • Lunch/snack and water


Preregistration is required. A minimum of 6 students is required for this training. If the minimum is not met, the class will be cancelled at the discretion of the teacher. If SHINE cancels the event for any reason, students will have the option of a refund or to be moved to a future date.


Please note before committing to the class: If student cancels or decides not to attend the certification, class fees are non-refundable. Fee can be transferred to a different date if communicated at least 5 days in advance and if minimum class size is met. Processing fee applies.

Embodied™ Reiki Certification

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