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Distant Reiki is as powerful as “in person” Reiki. Why? Simply put, Reiki is energy, and energy is not limited to time and space. (same concept as the power of prayer).

How does a distant Reiki session with Cortney work?
👉🏻Before the session – we talk on Facetime for 5-10 minutes
👉🏻During the session – (not on Facetime) I perform Reiki on you at a distance for about 45 minutes, after testing your chakras
👉🏻After the session – we talk on Facetime for 5-10 minutes where I let you know what chakras where open/closed and we talk about ways, specific to you, to keep your vibration healthy and high

Please contact Cortney at to schedule your day and time for the session before paying.


Please note before committing to session: Session fees are non-refundable. Fee can be transferred to another day if cancelled 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, no refunds, transfers or credits are allowed.

Distant Reiki Session

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