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Together we determine the best, most effective way to tell your story

Turning your content into soulful visuals 


Cortney's background


I have over 25 years of experience with a Fortune 100 company and a decade of experience working with thousands of students and clients. My corporate experience includes: internal communications consultant, visual communications lead, eLearning designer, engagement specialist, change management consultant, facilitator, keynote speakers, large corporate event coordinator. 


What I do: I take complex topics and content and turn it into a beautiful work of art that is easily digestible for the modern way in which we learn. I specialize in training materials, infographics, interactive communication and keynote presentations. .


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Love, Reiki, Vibration
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Cortney is a great partner---she helps us visualize what we need and then works relentlessly to help us get it right. She understands we ALWAYS have tweaks, but part of that is because she's given us such a great product to react to!  Lisa 

I want to thank you for the great visual you put together for (our) strategic framework.  It’s 100% awesome, and I absolutely love the design. Thanks again for your quick response to this request. You should add “magician” to your job title!  Kim

Cortney is immensely talented and an absolute pleasure to work with on every project. This video was delivered well before I expected and was of great quality, and she got back almost immediately on our suggested edits.  Dan

Cortney - I appreciate your patience and PROMPTNESS!! People don't work like you do anymore these days. You are quite a throwback. I LOVE everything you created for us. TRICIA




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