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Everything in the field of wellness and personal growth can and should revolve around the basic concept that every-SINGLE-thing we introduce into our experience EITHER lowers or raises our vibration. Nothing is neutral. Everyone has a personal vibration, and the higher you vibrate the healthier and happier you can be. Because of this, everyone should understand how to raise their vibration. 

Over the course of the weekend:

  • Attend 13+ sessions

  • Be guided from 7+ teachers/experts

  • Learn how to thrive

  • Bond with a tribe

  • Get exposure to new high-vibrational concepts and products


Weekend Pass: Two Options

  1. Full Weekend Pass: Attend the weekend event and stay the night with us with overnight accommodations (select "Full Weekend Pass" for registration)

  2. Commuter Pass: Attend the weekend event and commute to and from Saturday and Sunday (select "Commuter Pass" for registration)

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2020 Teachers

Cortney Martinelli

Vibration and Reiki Expert

Cortney is a Reiki Master, CYT, speaker and author of the best-selling book: Love, Reiki, Vibration. She has been supporting the Reiki and yoga community since 2010. Since then, she has worked with thousands of clients and students. Cortney hosts 40+ events each year. Her classes are full of personal experiences and teachable moments. She loves taking esoteric concepts, such as Reiki and vibration, and teaching them in a way that is easily accessible to the average, every-day person. Cortney’s ultimate desire is to serve and support students individually based on their goals for the future. Learn more about Cortney at

Cortney will be offering:

  • Welcome: Vibrational Alchemy

  • Toxic-free Living

  • VIBE with Your Tribe (with Ted)

  • Vibration Mastery + Action Plan (with Ted)

Auburn Juliano-Herchek

Sound Therapy

Auburn is a Reiki level 2 practitioner, RYT 200, and currently pursuing her 500-hour yoga certification. Her passion and journey with sound helped her find healing through the powerful vibrations of the crystal singing bowls. While playing the singing bowls are very intuitive, she also sought training at the Center for Sound Therapy in Youngstown.


Auburn will be offering:

  • Sound Therapy (Reiki + Restorative with Cortney)

Cindy Smith

Strengths Expert

Cindy Smith recently served as the Director of the Cleveland Region for the Institute for Management Studies (IMS), a role that she accepted after a 20-year career as a Senior Learning & Development Consultant with a Fortune 100 Company.


Cindy is a subject matter expert in the Gallup Strengthsfinder Profile, certified in Franklin Covey programs, Achieve Global, Interaction Associates, and is a Performance Coach for a course titled, The Corporate Athlete, which is a revolutionary way of examining how we manage our energy and focus from the Human Performance Institute. 


She is a recognized expert in Neutral Facilitation, Leadership Development, Presentation Skills, Stress Management, Behavioral Interviewing, and Course Design. She is sought out as a keynote speaker for internal and external audiences across a variety of disciplines. She is a trusted personal coach and mentor for leaders and front-line employees. Inherently an entertainer, her teaching style is highly interactive, relaxed, and fun!

Cindy will be offering:

  • Find Your Strengths – Increase Your VIBE

Heather Baur

Yoga + Meditation

As a teacher, choreographer, and dancer for the past 15 years, Heather’s greatest privilege is to empower others to realize their true potential by pushing past their limits. Receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Science and Education and licensed in Dance Education, Heather’s training has taken her all over the world; from performing in New York City, Ohio, Maine, Hawaii, Italy and Israel.

Heather recently earned her 300-hr RYT certification in Thailand at the Anna Sugarman School of Yoga. Heather is also a Level Two Reiki practitioner. Learn more about Heather here.


Heather will be offering:

  • Breath and Movement Yoga (All-Levels)

  • Meditation

Pamela Price

Alcohol-Free Living Coach

Pamela tells us..."I am just a Yogi from Akron who found herself in need of some serious clarity when the routine of coming home and having a few glasses to relax turned into the whole bottle way too often." Now, Pamela is a Alcohol Free Lifestyle Coach, serving others who are ready to take the leap. Pamela believes the reason why we drink is not the problem; it is the answer and we will explore this together in her 30-minute session.

Learn more at:


Pamela will be offering:

  • Exploring Alcohol-free Living

Amie Johnson

Essential Oils Expert

Amie is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the Ohio College of Massotherapy in 2003 and is a Silver leader at Young Living Essential Oils. Her goal is to create a positive impact on her clients’ health and support them in their journey of wellness through massage therapy and the use of essential oils. She believes in the power of human touch and has a passion for helping people find their inner happiness through massage, essential oils, and self autonomy. She has been using and studying the effects of Young Living Essential Oils since 2016 and feels essential oils can be used to help ease muscle tension, reduce general stress or anxiety, boost the immune system, freshen and purify the air as well as to help revitalize, calm and create an environment of wellness.

Amie will be offering:

  • Using Essential Oils for Emotional Release

Serenity Messner

Serneity will be offering:

  • Eating Mindfully through Ayurveda

Find a new level of mindfulness to eating! See food and the process of cooking through the lens of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, and its literal translation is “the study or knowledge of life”. This session offers insight into how to connect deeply with the food you eat through cooking, seasonal selections, and creating a peaceful environment to enjoy your meals. 

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