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We are currently accepting applications for the 2021/22 Program



Vibration Mastery Program™: A six-month guided tour through the art of increasing your vibrational set-point. 

This “program” is not a program but a pilgrimage. A journey to a sacred place as an act of spiritual devotion. It’s likely you’ve already started the journey if you are considering this experience. However, as with any journey, it’s often advantageous to have a guide, one who has been on the path before. Cortney (and friends) will serve as that guide as you do the inner work. An experienced guide is priceless.

Over the course of this six-month program:

  • 50+ hours of instruction + guidance

  • Guided by Cortney Martinelli + friends

  • Expect to grow spiritually

  • Expect answers to foundational questions

  • Expect abundance on every level

  • Expect to increase your set-point 

  • Expect to bond with your tribe

  • Expect your life to change


There is the law and then there is the understanding and deliberate application of the law. This program guides you through the understanding and the application.

This 50-hour program meets in person at least once monthly and serves as a guide as you learn to deliberately and consistently raise your vibration to increase your set-point, which is the ultimate goal of this program. Deep connections and bonds will be made not only with your inner being but with the other souls that are on a similar, but unique, journey. Rich conversations and activities are promised. You will be guided and supported not only by the teachers but also by the other participants in the program. We don’t believe in coincidences and we know that the perfect group of souls will be drawn together for this 6-month experience.


Above all else, we believe one's personal frequency (a.k.a set-point) is the only thing that matters because it is what draws everything to us. It is the lens in which we see and interact with the world around us. It is what creates our experience with the external world.

This program is for those seeking a unique, powerful, life-changing experience. There is no other program that gets to the heart of what we consider the most important aspect of our lives - our vibration. It’s the game above the game. The masters that came before us understood and practiced these concepts.


These concepts - simple, but intricate - can only be fully grasped with dedication and practice. After a decade of our own dedication and practice, allow us to guide you through this unique journey. It is our honor to work along side you in this sacred process.


This is a fluid process - we will go where we need to go however we need to get there but below are concepts that will be part of our journey to mastery.

Vibration - understanding who we are and why we’re here

Attraction - learn the game above the game; the secret to the secret

Mindfulness - one of the most effective ways to align to our inner being; learn when, why and how

Deliberate Creating - We are creating every second of our lives, but most of us are creating by default, learn how to be a

deliberate creator

Daydreaming - Leveraging one of the most powerful tools to transform your life

Telling a New Story - we all have them - what are you telling yourself and others and how to use stories to transform your life

Contrast - what is it, why we need it, how to embrace it

Calibration - learn how to calibrate to your inner being instead of the external world

Strengths - they are part of your DNA, let them unlock your greatest potential

Action vs Inspired Action - there isn’t enough action in the world to get you what you really want unless it’s aligned and inspired, we’ll explain the difference and help you incorporate inspired action into your life

Intuition - learning how to tap into our inner being for guidance

Radical Gratitude - a powerful tool to come into alignment with your inner being and transform any situation

Abundance - demystifying the topic of money, one of the most misunderstood concepts of the human experience

Monthly Pod Sessions - benefit from monthly group discussions regarding monthly session topics and homework assignments

Each monthly session will offer something new and different and might include: facilitator lead sessions, self-directed learning, experiential learning, “lifework”, group discussions, Q&A sessions, weekend, group project.



$1003 paid in full

or $313 deposit with 3 payments of $230 (Aug 1*, Sept 1*, Oct 1)

*If you are registering after August 1, deposit of $313 and installment(s) are due at the time of registration based on schedule above 

Registration closes Sept 1, 2021

Please note: After you commit to the program by placing a deposit to save your spot, there will be no refunds, transfers or credits for any monies paid. Payment plans cannot be cancelled after the start of the program.

If you are in the financial position and would like to sponsor someone for this program, please email us at

This program is for you if:

  • You are looking to THRIVE

  • You are willing to take 100% accountability for your life

  • You are looking to gain clarity, seek understanding, and release your limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • You want to raise your vibe from good to great (dare we even say...amazing!)

  • You want to bond with a community of like-minded spiritual beings

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are in a place in your life where you are just trying to survive

  • Defending, blaming and complaining is not something you are willing to let go of just yet

  • You want to justify and hold on to your limiting beliefs

  • You feel depressed, anxious, and in despair most of the time

  • You would benefit more from 1:1 coaching then group work and dynamics



Yoga at Home


In the first week, so much has already shifted in me because of this program. I feel lighter and so good! I am so unbelievably grateful for this experience.


I didn’t know exactly “what” I was signing up for but I knew it was something that was going to change me. That’s really what I was looking for. We all want to be better, our best version of ourselves and to learn and grow. I know I ended up at the right place.


I am just so thrilled to have the opportunity to learn, experience and grow. Since the program started, I feel lightness, more joy, I've been more present and feel more in my body. What a glorious blessing.



Dates subject to change with written advanced notice

  • October 9, 2021

  • November 6, 2021

  • December 4, 2021

  • January 15, 2022

  • February 12, 2022

  • March 12, 2022

  • March 18, 2022

  • Monthly one-hour Zoom calls to reinforce the in-person sessions (dates TBD)


program guides

Experienced and dedicated practitioners and teachers of vibration for the last 10+ years

Cortney Martinelli

Cortney is a Reiki Master, CYT, speaker and author of the best-selling book: Love, Reiki, Vibration. She has been supporting the Reiki and yoga community since 2010. Since then, she has worked with thousands of clients and students. 

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Ted Senf

For the last 15 years of his career, Ted dazzled the corporate world with his words of wisdom as an Education Consultant and Keynote speaker. Now retired, he offers spiritual guidance to like-minded seekers. He shares with the singular goal of "serving others well". Ted is also a popular Tedx Akron speaker.

Cindy Smith bw.jpg

Cindy Smith

Cindy is a sought out experienced keynote speaker for internal and external audiences across a variety of disciplines. Inherently an entertainer, her teaching style is highly interactive, relaxed, and fun!

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