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Cortney Martinelli is a Reiki Master, CYT, speaker and author of the best-selling books: Love, Reiki, Vibration and the Light House.  She has been supporting the wellness community for over a decade. Since then, she has worked with thousands of clients and students hosting 100+ events each year. Cortney’s ultimate desire is to serve and support students, clients and athletes individually based on their individual goals for the future.

In addition to Cortney's vast experience within the world of wellness, she spent the last two decades working in the corporate world for a fortune 100 company. During that time, she specialized in employee engagement, communications and education, where she developed and delivered training + education to thousands of employees. ​

Cortney has been practicing on Reiki clients for over a decade and has worked with thousands of diverse people. Her desire is to share the way in which energy works within the body and to empower clients to become their own best healer.  She knows from personal experience as her first client is herself, so she understands what it means to truly heal.

Cortney is the owner of an Education + Retreat Center in Kent, Ohio where she spends most of her time offering wellness certifications, private sessions and support to her community.


Cortney’s classes can be summed up in one word: love. Cortney's personal stories, authenticity, playfulness and creativity are hallmarks of her teaching style. She also has a knack of taking esoteric concepts and explaining them in an easily understandable way. 


Qualifications + Certifications

  • Author of a best-selling book on the topic of Reiki

  • Corporate trainer + educator for over a decade

  • Reiki Master Teacher (awarding hundreds of certifications)

  • Reiki Master Practitioner (working with thousands of clients)

  • Masters in Instructional Technology

  • 200 hour certified yoga teacher

  • 150 hour certified Shinrin Yoku guide

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