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14 Days of Breath Challenge


In this challenge: Explore 14 different breathing techniques Breath is associated with prana, thus, breathwork is a means to manage our life energy. It is often overlooked and under-rated as one of the quickest and simplest ways to master our energy; whether looking to restore our nervous system to “rest + digest” or as a means to bring active energy into the moment. This challenge will not only walk you through each breathing technique but will help you identify which breath to use in which situation. This 14-day challenge is for any individual that is looking to deepen their own practice of breathwork or teach/guide others through the practice. Learning about these breathing techniques can provide an interesting addition to yoga, reiki, psychotherapy, professional life coaching, expressive arts, meditation, PTSD rehabilitation and more. Individual guides can incorporate their current modalities to bring fresh new ideas to their practice.

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