Eating Watermelon on the Beach

Get ready to savor teachings across many disciplines by many of our favorite cooks.

Summer series
buffet style

Summer series: buffet style

June - August 2022

This summer we hope you are hungry! Because we have something to whet anyone’s appetite! And we aren’t talking about corn dogs and watermelon, we are talking about spiritual food! Get ready to savor teachings across many disciplines by many of our favorite cooks. (ok, enough of the puns!)


The best part about this summer series…it’s a buffet…so take what you want and leave the rest. You get to pick what is calling your name! (and what dates work out best for you)!


Here’s what we got cooking!

This summer, June through August, SHINE will be partnering with 15+ teachers to bring us 12 workshops and 23 yoga classes. You can decide which bundle suits your schedule the best.


Workshop Options

  • Jun 8: Shadow Work

  • Jun 17, Jul 20, Aug 24: Sound Vibrations

  • Jun 22: Talk Like Ted

  • Jun 30: VIBE: Radically Reboot Your Life

  • Jul 6: Cultivating Your Sixth Sense

  • Jul 11: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

  • Jul 27: The Tao of Relationships

  • Aug 1: Discover Your Strengths

  • Aug 10: Living the Yamas and Niyamas

  • Aug 15: Chakra Love


Full details about each of these workshops HERE

Plus, this summer: We will have yoga every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6PM


Buffet Options

  1. Option 1 – Workshop Bundle (4): you pick 4 workshops to attend at the price of $125

  2. Option 2 – Workshop (4) + Yoga Bundle: you pick 4 workshops AND get unlimited yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings June – August at the price of $275 (value of $420)

  3. Option 3 – Workshop Bundle (6): you pick 6 workshops to attend at the price of $175

  4. Option 4 – Yoga Only: unlimited yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday evening June – August at the price of $165 (that is $55/month)

  5. Option 5 – No Bundle: a la carte workshops at $35 a piece (use this link to sign up for individual workshops)


Please note: Each workshop holds 14-18 people; signups for workshops are on a first-come basis.


Workshop descriptions

in date order

Ann W bw.jpg


6p - 7:30p

Shadow Work

Instructor: Ann Wehener

Shadow work = Working with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself. Learn how to bring light to your shadow in a comfortable, supportive setting. Learning about your shadow and how to work with it can be a game-changer in helping you create the life you desire. During this workshop we will explore why this is so and experiment with various tools and modalities to help you harness the power of your shadow. Tools may include, tapping, guided meditation, healing touch, Akashic records, crystals.

auburn headshot 2 inch bw.jpg

6/17, 7/20, 8/24

6:30p -8p

Sound Vibrations

Instructor: Auburn Juliano-Herchek

Select one, or multiple dates (6/17, 7/20, 8/24)

This session will be a mix of restorative poses, guided meditation and sound therapy using seven crystal bowls, sea drum, Kashi chimes and more. Auburn has advanced certification in restorative yoga, meditation and sound therapy and beautifully weaves them together for a magical night under the Shine night sky. Hands-on healing assists too! Extra hands mean extra assists for you!

Ted image for Edu Services site.jpg


6p - 7:30p

Talk Like TED

Instructor: Ted Senf

Learn the art of communication and storytelling through the lens of TED Talks. Ted Senf is a popular TEDx speaker in his own right and he spent the last 3 decades perfecting his craft of speaking in front of others. As an introvert, he has words of wisdom for anyone, regardless of their comfort level in front of a crowd. This workshop is great for business owners, speakers, teachers or anyone looking to hone the skill of storytelling and persuasion.



5:30P - 8:30P

VIBE: Radically Reboot Your Life

Instructor: Tracy Richards

In this SHINE signature gateway workshop you will be introduced to the concepts of vibration and energy. This class will demonstrate how everything is determined by your personal frequency and how you can improve the quality of your mood, your physical health, your career, your intimate relationships, your family life and more – simply by learning and applying the concepts we will explore in this class. You can learn more at



6p - 7:30p

Cultivating Your Sixth Sense

Instructor: Victoria Hess

This adaptation to our 6.5 hour Sixth Sense Bootcamp will give you a taste of what it is like to cultivate your intuition. According to scientist, we only translate 15% of the energy/vibration all around us with our five senses. Which means 85% is translated with our sixth-sense! Everyone can learn to cultivate this sixth-sense. Learn how to turn the volume up with fun activities curated by Victoria. One of Victoria’s favorite ways is through the use of Oracle Cards. Come explore this and more with us!

amanda shine bw.jpg


6p - 7:30p

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Instructor: Amanda Shaw

What is a belief. A belief is just a thought you continue to think over and over again. And these thoughts create your life. In this workshop we will explore the thoughts, beliefs and stories that you tell yourself and others; and how they are holding you back from the life you desire. During our time together we will walk through three activities and share a powerful process, that when preformed 5-minutes a day, can begin to change your beliefs (which ultimately change your external world). This class will be informative, fun and eye-opening.



6p - 7:30p

The Tao of Relationships

Instructor: Cortney Martinelli + Ted Senf

One of the questions we get asked the most is, “How can I deal with negative people in my life?” Through the lens of the Tao, an ancient spiritual teaching, this dynamic duo - Cortney and Ted – will answer this question and more. Through the power of Taoist stories, they will illustrate important key life lessons into our modern world. Learn a practical approach of the art of conducting relationships on the spiritual level through time-honored teachings. Learn to effectively handle and enhance relationships in your life.

Cindy Smith bw.jpg


6p - 7:30p

Discover Your Strengths

Instructor: Cindy Smith

Knowing your strengths can unlock your greatest potential. Cindy is a sought out experienced keynote speaker for audiences across a variety of disciplines. Inherently an entertainer, her teaching style is highly interactive, relaxed, and fun! She has been teaching people in corporate America how to capitalize on their strengths for decades. Now we bring this insightful workshop to you. Whether you are a business owner, someone who works and plays with others, a parent, a student; you with find immense value in this content.

Please note: Before class we ask students to purchase Clifton’s Strength Finder Assessment ($19.99) and take the survey to arrive at your top 5 strengths. This is optional but highly encouraged to receive the most out of this class.



6p - 7:45p

Living the Yamas and Niyamas

Instructor: Angela Shafer

The yamas and niyamas are the first two limbs of yoga for a good reason: they provide a solid roadmap for how to live in the world, ethical guidelines that help us interact with other souls with compassion and awareness through self-love and universal love.  Come practice Svadhyaya - self study - to explore how you can improve your daily life through discussion and journaling of each precept. This is a fast paced, fun, and lively workshop aiming to grasp how to personally apply the teachings behind these deep and meaningful concepts to your life. You will walk away not only more familiar with these beautiful recommendations but also with ideas on how to best use your energy to live them soulfully and spiritually and create a better life for yourself, and, in turn, a better world. 

Jenny Gates small bw.jpg


6p - 7:45p

Chakra Love

Instructor: Jenny Gates

Are you interested in learning what chakras are and which of your chakras may be blocked or unblocked? In this workshop, we will explore a deeper understanding of ourselves through the chakras and learn tips for how to unblock your chakras on your own – both on/off the mat.

What you can expect: This workshop is both educational and experiential based.  Your chakras will be tested, and results will be shared. Also included: oracle card pulling, guided meditations, relaxing poses, and healing touch.