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Class: Meditation + Mindfulness Instructor Certification

Teacher: Angela Shafer  (about the instructor)

Duration: 5.5 hours

Tuition: $165 (Early Bird) or $190

2024 Class Dates: May 11, Aug 11 or Dec 15

Class Time: 9a-2:30p except for Aug 11 which is 2p-7:30p

Meditation and mindfulness are powerful ways to heal and light the way back to our own personal truth. The world benefits not only from meditation practitioners but teachers willing to serve and be a catalyst for others – lighting the way. SHINE’s Meditation + Mindfulness Instructor Certification will excite you, equip you and empower you with the skills necessary to meet this global need.


Target audience for this course: Certification is designed for both practitioners and teachers of meditation and mindfulness. Ideally created for teachers and healers such as – coaches, yoga teachers, counselors, therapists, health care professionals, support group coordinators, Reiki practitioners or anyone else with a desire to learn more and/or teach.


Prerequisites for the course: No prerequisites, all are welcome. Recommend a current meditation practice.


Setting expectations for students:

  • What is the focus of this certification: This certification will explore many different styles of meditation and mindfulness – as you learn about and experience these difference styles – you will be guided to styles that work well within your own practice. This certification will also give you the confidence, skills and ability to lead others in meditation along with tools to start and maintain a meditation practice for yourself and clients/students.

  • What key topics will be part of the training:

    1. Many styles of meditations will be taught, explored and experienced – such as vipassana, guided, yoga nidra, mantra, sacred chanting, walking, moving, coloring, working with children

    2. Meditation as medicine

    3. Physical postures

    4. Mental process

    5. Creating a daily practice

    6. Meditating for life

    7. Creating a personal mantra and how to incorporate with clients/student

    8. Creating an action plan

This certification qualifies for 5.5 CE contact hours through Yoga Alliance


Breakdown of training:

  • 5.5 – Total time in hours including breaks

  • 48% - Lecture, 11% - Discussion, 41% - Activity


Bring with you to class:

  • Lunch/snack and water/drink


Preregistration is required. 


Angela Kohler Shafer is a dedicated meditation practitioner who enjoys bucking society’s norms in the healthiest of ways. She is an earth lover, paddleboard enthusiast, avid reader and lover of life. She abstains from sugar, flour, TV, and alcohol as a way to remain centered and balanced.

She is a happily single vegan who embraces her beautiful, natural platinum locks, and a proud mama of two young adult humans and two old adult cats. When not teaching meditation, you can find her partnering with her ex-husband selling fitness/yoga walls all over the world at

​Angela’s classes are silly, fun, and upbeat just like her! As a vipassana meditation practitioner, she likes breaking the norm and sharing all different styles and techniques with her students and clients.


Qualifications + Certifications

  • Certified Meditation Instructor

  • Savasana Meditation Instructor

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Reiki Level Two Practitioner

  • Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher 

  • Years of experience working with clients and students

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