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Yin: Trauma + Prenatal Informed Yoga Certification

Duration: 8 hours

Teacher: Brittany Cogdeill

($10 discount for level one students)


  • This certification qualifies for 8 CE contact hours through Yoga Alliance
  • If you have taken Shine's Yin Level One training, you can use code "yin" for $10 off.


Yin Yoga's core principles render it an ideal practice for individuals navigating trauma or pregnancy. By fostering a nurturing space, Yin yoga facilitates emotional release and healing. Moreover, it enables seamless adjustments to accommodate the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, supporting practitioners at every stage.


Target audience for the course: This certification is designed for those who have a passion for helping others through trauma or those who have experienced trauma themselves. This certification is also designed for individuals who are currently pregnant, plan to be pregnant or teachers that have a desire to teach Yin Yoga with accommodations for prenatal students.


Prerequisites for the course: This certification is open to both yoga teachers and students of the practice; 200- hour CYT (certified yoga teacher) recommended but not required; SHINE Yin Yoga Level One Certification recommended but not required. 


This certification is broken down into two distinct modules: yin yoga through the lens of trauma-informed yoga and prenatal yoga. We begin with an understanding of trauma, its prevalence, and how to generally accommodate people who have experienced trauma. Then, we discuss the benefits of prenatal yoga, the various stages of pregnancy and variations of yin poses for pregnancy and what props to use.



  • Yin Yoga Overview – including 14 poses discussed in our level one training
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga

    What is Trauma

    Benefits of Yin Yoga

    Creating a safe space

    Considerations + Modifications

    Trauma-Informed Yin Poses + Practice (7)

  • Prenatal Yoga

    Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

    Stages of Pregnancy

    Pregnancy Accommodations

    Prenatal Yin Poses + Practice (7)

  • Class Development Activity



  • Yin Yoga can aid in the healing process from trauma.
  • Yin Yoga can easily be accommodating to individuals throughout the various stages of pregnancy.
  • Yin Yoga can increase awareness of the mind, body, and spirit connection.
  • Yin Yoga can help the body feel relaxed and calm and can release stuck energy held within the body through various poses.


Objectives for after training: At the end of this training students will be able to effectively practice and mindfully accommodate individuals who have experienced trauma within their yoga classes as well as accommodate those students who may be pregnant.


Breakdown of training:

  • 8 – Total time in hours including breaks
  • 60% - Lecture, 15% - Discussion, 25% - Activity


Bring with you to class:

  • Lunch/snack and water (optional)
  • Yoga mat
  • Props are provided (or feel to bring your own)


Preregistration is required. A minimum of 2 students is required for this training. If the minimum is not met, the class will be cancelled at the discretion of the teacher. If SHINE cancels the event for any reason, students will have the option of a refund or to be moved to a future date.


Please note before committing to the class: If student cancels or decides not to attend the certification, class fees are non-refundable. Fee can be transferred to a different date if communicated at least 5 days in advance and if minimum class size is met. Processing fee applies.


About Brittany:

Brittany Cogdeill believes we can all heal from life stress or trauma and yoga is a powerful tool to help us. Brittany has been teaching Yin yoga regularly for many years. She has incorporated trauma-informed teaching into her classes as well as accommodations for many prenatal students. Brittany has experienced trauma first-hand in relationship to her pregnancies and the dysregulation that comes with trauma. She now is a speaker for Akron Children's hospital, on a mission to serve those who are going through something similar. 

Qualifications + Certifications

  • 200 hour yoga teacher certification
  • 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher certification
  • Yin Yoga Certification
  • Reiki Level II Certification
  • Positive Psychology Certification



As of 2023 – We now offer an early bird registration discount of $25 on all of our certifications. To qualify for this discount, student must register before the communicated early bird period, which may vary. Discount is automatically received. Registration for all certifications closes one day before training date.

Yin: Trauma + Prenatal Certification

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