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Class: Sound Balancing with Tuning Forks Certification

Teacher: Cortney Martinelli (about the instructor)

Tuition: $225 (Early Bird) or $250

2023 Class Dates: Nov 11 8a-1:30p

2024 Class Dates: May 1 5-9p or Jul 31 5-9p

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Or schedule a 1x1 private session - learn more

Prerequisites for the course: none


In this class you will learn how to use tuning forks to balance the energy in a person’s body and biofield. Sound falls upwards – which means it adds lift and current into our system in a fast, easy, and non-invasive way. The diseases of our time such as lime, lupus, chronic fatigue, weak digestion, autoimmune, adrenal stress are all about a low battery – meaning people are discharging more than they are recharging. We learn how to use sound to increase our voltage – ie charge our battery.


Target audience for this course:

Have you ever gotten a bad vibe (or a good vibe) from someone? Have you ever jammed out to a song in your car to shift your mood? If you answered yes to both of these questions – you’ve got what it takes to be a Sound Balancing practitioner.


Why? Because since you’ve felt people’s vibes, that means you are attuned to your own ability to translate the language of energy. And jamming out in your car means you are aware of the power of sound to shift your state of mind.


In Sound Balancing, tuning forks are used in both a diagnostic and therapeutic manner.

Diagnostic: we use the forks to detect areas of resistance, distortion and noise in the biofield.

Therapeutic: Let’s say you suffer from anxiety – the turning fork will resonate with the frequency of anxiety – at first. But then, the fork will begin to produce a coherent signal – which entrains the body into a more coherent expression. The anxiety dissolves.


What is the biofield? The biofield is a large field of energy that surrounds and extends out from the body about 5 or 6 feet. When working with the forks we are working with the basic principles of resonance and entrainment. And what is unique about this certification, is we don’t just teach to work on the body, but in the biofield.


The best way to learn about this is hands-on with a practitioner/teacher and then exploring on your own. With the instructions and discussions provided in this certification, you will have enough information to start using the forks on yourself and others. If you are a massage therapist, chiropractor, counselor, Reiki practitioner, yoga teacher or any other kind of wellness provider, this certification will allow you to integrate tuning forks into your current practice.


What key topics will be part of the training:

  • The body + the biofield

  • Stuck energy: What it means based on location

  • Experience and receive steps for group session

  • The language of sound + vibration

  • The science: Entrainment

  • Tuning Forks 101:  How to activate, how to use, what to use

  • Hands-on practice with tuning forks

  • Responsibility of practitioner

  • Prepare for a session and after care

  • Read the field

  • Work in the field: An adjustment (8 steps defined and discussed)

After this certification, with practice, you will be able to work with others individually and in groups if that is your desire.


Breakdown of training:

  • 55% - Lecture, 20% - Discussion, 25% - Activity


Bring with you to class:

  • Snack and water (optional)

  • Tuning fork and activator – if you own one


Please note: Cost of certification does not include tuning fork; during class you will be given a tuning fork to practice with and recommendations for what to purchase will be given during class. 

Preregistration is required. 

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