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Are you a Reiki Master with dreams and visions of teaching Reiki to students but don’t know where to start? Do you wish the fairies of the universe would hand deliver everything you need right to your door/computer so you can start teaching students NOW? Guess what… It’s here.

SHINE has created a comprehensive Reiki training program and is offering it to Reiki Masters so they can start their teaching journey. This program has all the qualities that you have seen and expect from SHINE: simple approach, down to earth concepts, comprehensive messaging, detailed explanations, modern twists to esoteric concepts, visually appealing packaging and materials to use and share with students, and most importantly – filled with the highest vibrational ingredients!

The program has a foundation based from the traditional Usui lineage, but with a contemporary twist for the modern-day Reiki Master. It will resonate deeply with the growing community of like-minded healers of this generation! With this program, you will have no problem attracting students seeking this information. 

SHINE Reiki Training has been developed and perfected over the last decade by Reiki Master and CYT Cortney Martinelli. Cortney has years of experience in corporate training, corporate communications, visual literacy, graphic design and instructional design. Pair this expertise with Cortney’s longstanding relationship with the Reiki community and you have a comprehensive Reiki training program like no other in the industry. After years of offering Reiki training to her community, she has decided to make this program accessible to Reiki Masters world-wide. Here's What to Expect once your purchase the program.

our three programs

teach reiki




teach reiki







teach reiki

Our programs pay for themselves; after just three students you will begin to receive a return on your investment for years to come.

return on your investment

Teach Reiki



Reiki Master Student

I began my Reiki journey with Cortney for Level 1 training and couldn't imagine getting my Reiki Master certification with anyone else. Cortney is such a bright, shining light and it is a joy to be around her positive and uplifting energy. She is extremely knowledgeable and genuine, and shares her experience and expertise in such a generous way with her students. She has been amazingly attentive and supportive both during and after training. It is obvious that she put an immense amount of time, energy, and soul into creating this program. She really ensures that you have all of the tools that you need to be a successful Reiki practitioner.


Reiki Two Student

Cortney's Reiki Training course exceeded my expectations! She was thorough and she kept the class extremely interesting the entire time.  She is professional, yet extremely personable.  The fact that she cares for people and loves what she does SHINES though!   


Reiki Master Student

Cortney provides such a thorough reiki training. She provides you with information from the manual, but the most important information that comes from her is when she shares her own experience. Cortney has been practicing reiki for 10 years and has such wonderful tips and stories to share with her students. 


Reiki Master Student

I received Reiki One, Two and Master training with Cortney and the SHINE training program. Her lightheartedness and spirit make learning this esoteric subject a breeze. Cortney’s wisdom and experience fills the training and helped guide and support me through each step.  Now, she is giving so many the opportunity to experience this Life Force Energy.


Reiki Master Student

I feel honored and grateful for the opportunity to participate in Cortney’s Reiki I, II, and Master training. With each level of training I noticed a stronger sense of balance, purpose and connection to the world around me. Cortney’s dedication to the practice and teaching of Reiki make her an inspiring teacher but her compassion, sincerity and wisdom make her an inspiring person. As many of her  students will tell you, if you have the opportunity to train with Cortney, don’t pass it up-you won’t be disappointed!

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