SHINE Reiki Session (1:1)

More than just Reiki – this PERSONALIZED session is an immersion of the senses. All designed to easily guide you into a higher vibration. You will leave this immersion in the sweet spot that Cortney refers to in her book and workshops of 62-72 MHz where illness and disease can no longer thrive.  


Once you are all settled in, the session will begin with a testing of your seven chakras. These results can help to guide and personalize your immersion. (more on chakras here).


After the chakras are tested, the Reiki begins. The Reiki Master is guided by experience and intuition, and has the ability to create a space where deep healing can occur on every level; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. (more on Reiki here).


The session will conclude with sound frequencies selected just for you, using crystal bowls and koshi chimes.


The following additional “tools” may also be used during your Reiki immersion session:

  • Vibration mat

  • Weighted blanket

  • Reflexology

  • Personalized mantras or affirmations

  • Essential oil blend (at the feet)

  • Guided meditation or visualization


Each and every session is different and will last approximately 60 minutes from start to finish.


Please note before committing to session: Session fees are non-refundable. Fee can be transferred to another day if cancelled 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, no refunds, transfers or credits are allowed.


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To learn more about Reiki healing, click here.

1:1 Reiki Session