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SHINE Level One Reiki Training Program

This program is for Reiki Masters who are looking to start teaching students.

Please note: You must be a Reiki Master to purchase this program and validitate these credentials in the license agreement (see below). If you are not currently a Reiki Master, please visit to learn how to become certified.


Details about the program: 

This program contains everything you need as you embark on the SHINE Level One Reiki Training program as a Reiki Master. This program is specifically designed for teachers who are looking for a comprehensive program used from start to finish.


After a decade of perfecting this program, be assured that every detail has been thought of and is being passed on to you. The program contains down to earth concepts, comprehensive messaging, detailed explanations, modern twists to esoteric concepts, visually appealing packaging and plenty of resources and materials to use and share with students, and most importantly – this program is filled with the highest vibrational ingredients!


The program has a foundation based from the traditional Usui lineage, but with a contemporary twist for the modern-day Reiki Master. It will resonate deeply with the growing community of like-minded healers of this generation! With this program, you will have no problem attracting students seeking this information.


The level one teacher program includes:

Teacher Materials

  • SHINE Reiki Training Level One Presentation 
  • Teacher speaking notes for presentation 
  • Teacher workbook 
  • Hand Positions One-pager
  • Email templates to send to registered students 
  • Preparation Guide 
  • Class Agenda with breakdown of time 
  • Teacher checklist 
  • Reiki One Attunement Cheat Sheet 
  • Reiki One Certificate Template for students 
  • The book Love, Reiki, Vibration by Cortney Martinelli 
  • Student Kits discount code (earn $12/student when purchase student kits at wholesale)**
  • Special teacher code (opportunity to earn $100/student when student purchases program after Master completion) 

Marketing Materials

  • Description of Reiki One Training Class to use when marketing to students
  • Marketing Graphic for Facebook Events
  • Marketing Graphic for Instagram
  • Reiki Flyer


Cost of program

This program pays for itself after 3 students complete level one training with you as a Reiki Master.

To learn more about potential earnings with this program, click here.


Save $400 when purchasing all three programs (level one, level two and master level) together, click here to learn more.

~Heal, Grow, Inspire


You can add the Reiki Hand Position Poster on to this order for $29 (savings of $10). To learn more about that add-on item, click here.


License Agreement: The purchaser/user of the program must agree to and sign a license agreement after purchase before the program/materials are sent to the purchaser/user. This agreement will be sent to you via a link and can be signed electronically. Once the agreement is signed, program/materials will be sent and shipped within 48 hours of signature receipt. You may review a copy of the license agreement here. Please note: this is a sample of the agreement, the actual agreement will be sent to you AFTER purchase.

Level One Training Program

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