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Heal with Reiki

Learn about ways to heal with Reiki, on four levels - if this blogs interests you, learn about our in-person and online Reiki trainings and certifications, Ohio nurses get CE credits

To completely heal is to heal on four levels.

As a Reiki Master, one of the most important things that I can share with my Reiki students and clients is this concept of healing on all four levels to completely heal.

Let me start off by saying, yes, Reiki is magical. For anyone who has experienced the giving or receiving of this beautiful, divine life force energy, you already know the healing power. Reiki takes you on an internal journey, opens pathways that are stuck, has you high-flying for hours, maybe even days and symptoms vanish. And then, bam, a week or so later, you are right back to where you started before the treatment. It’s not so different than anything else that we might attempt to “make us feel better” such as acupuncture, yoga, or a prescription from our doctor. Ever notice how you’ve had this nagging thing that happens to you over and over again. It keeps showing up no matter what healer you see, pill you take, diet you start, book you read, doctor you consult! Why is this so?

This topic comes up often with my students and clients. I have an answer that some people don’t want to hear…to completely heal is to heal on four levels if you desire lasting change.

So, what are these four levels of healing?

The first is the physical level. This is where a majority of human beings spend most, if not all, of their focus. Makes sense…this is the level that is most tangible. The language of the physical is chemistry – atoms and molecules. If we want to heal on this level we work with diet/nutrition, exercise, rest, vitamins, quitting bad habits such as smoking and medical doctors.

The second level is the emotional level. The language of emotion is imagery. If we want to heal on this level we can work with visualization, our imagination, meditation such as meditating on the idea that you are already healed.

The third level is the mental level. The language of the mental is words, thoughts, ideas and beliefs. This is a BIG one, right?! I mean who doesn’t have a negative stream running over and over in their mind from time-to-time? If we want to heal on this level we can work with affirmations, therapists, counselor and even forgiveness. The late Louise Hay wrote a book about this…some of you may have read it, Heal Your Body. This book reads like a giant chart. On the left side it gives the physical ailment. In the middle it gives the negative belief that is causing the physical ailment. On the right, the book suggests an affirmation that one might use to change the wiring of the brain from a negative belief that no longer serves us to a positive belief that instead enriches our lives.

The last and final level brings us back full-circle, the level of the spiritual. The language of the spirit is energy. If we want to heal on this level we work with the identity beyond the ego. There are many different energy techniques such as Reiki, that aid in healing on this level. They are powerful and miracles can happen.

Now for the good and the bad news. Do you want the good or bad first? I’m a glass-half-full-kind-of-girl, so let’s go with the good first. The good news is healing is in your hands. You can make the choices and put in the effort to heal yourself on all four of these levels. I know, because I did it first hand (story for another time). Now, the bad news – healing is in your hands (I know, it is the same news – tricky huh?!). And, let’s face it, sometimes we would rather give our power away, whether that’s to a doctor, a healer, a pill, a fill-in-the-blank, instead of empowering ourselves.

Pain, whether physical or mental, is only the symptom. Sometimes it is beneficial to see the pain as a portal…the symptoms can be meaningful and brilliantly intelligent in waking us up. Maybe you are there right now. Maybe you are waking up to your symptoms and realizing that there must be more to these symptoms. After all, some say that our cells regenerate daily/weekly and we have a whole new body every seven year. So why do we continue to have the same chronic issues, in some cases, our whole lives?! Maybe it’s because we continue to regurgitate the same negative habits over and over again bringing us the same res