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teach reiki

*All Sales are final



Below is a list of everything included* in the program for Reiki Masters looking to teach to students:

Teacher Materials

  1. SHINE Reiki Training Master Presentation 

  2. Teacher speaking notes for presentation 

  3. Teacher workbook 

  4. Email templates to send to registered students 

  5. Preparation Guide for Teachers 

  6. Class Agenda with breakdown of time 

  7. Teacher checklist 

  8. Reiki ART and Master Attunement Cheat Sheet 

  9. Reiki Master Certificate Template for students 

  10. Reiki Master Recap one-pager 

  11. Student Presentation Guide

  12. The book Love, Reiki, Vibration by Cortney Martinelli 

  13. Student Kits discount code (earn $12/student when purchase student kits at wholesale)**

  14. Special teacher code (opportunity to earn $100/student when student purchases program after Master completion)


Marketing Materials

  1. Description of Reiki Master Training Class to use when marketing to students

  2. Marketing Graphic for Facebook Events

  3. Marketing Graphic for Instagram

  4. Reiki Flyer


Student Kit*

  1. Student Manual/Workbook

  2. Reiki Master Recap One-pager

  3. Reiki One Attunement Cheat Sheet


*Student kits are paid for separately and included in the cost of their fee to you as their Reiki Master


Suggested Retail Price for SHINE Reiki Training: Level One: $450

Retail Price for Student Kit: $40

Total fee you receive per student: $490

Student Kit, wholesale pricing $28 (minimum order of 5)

**The Student Kit can be purchased directly by the student or you can purchase the kits at the wholesale pricing of $28 each and then include in your class fee (ie $160). Therefore, you make $12 on each kit you purchase.


Cost of Program

You get the Teacher and Marketing Materials; everything you need to successful teach and certify students in the SHINE Reiki Training Program: Master Level, for $900.

Return on Investment

The program pays for itself after just two students at the suggested retail price ($450 x 2 = $900)

If you teach 4 classes a year with 8 students in each class, you will make ($450 x 32 = $14,400). That is a $13,500 return on your investment in just the first year alone.

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