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Understanding Your Energy

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Corporate Athlete: Understanding Your Energy

Everything in the field of wellness and personal growth can and should revolve around the basic concept that every-SINGLE-thing we choose to eat, think, feel and do EITHER lowers or raises our energy (ie our personal frequency). Because of this, everyone should understand how what they are choosing to bring into their lives is effecting them. But while many have heard vague references to the concept, very few have been given the tools to be successful.


This class will demonstrate how everything is determined by your personal frequency and how you can improve the quality of your mood, your physical health, your career, your intimate relationships, your family life and more – simply by learning and applying the concepts we will explore in this course.

In this four-hour course we will:

  • Explore what energy is and what it means

  • Learn four basic principles of energy

  • Discover what your current energy is (YES! Bring on the quiz)

  • Explore and experience first-hand what lowers and raises your energy

  • Leave with resources and a PERSONALIZED game plan on how to implement a few specific changes in your life

  • Leave more resilient and empowered than ever

In this course, you will learn that it is the result of small, consistent daily choices that will build the muscles needed for you to be the best corporate athlete you can be. 

After this course, you will see yourself as having far more potential than you’ve considered before and will be empowered to take charge of your life!



Cortney is a true light in the community. Her classes are thorough, accessible and engaging.  Aside from being a gifted practitioner and thoughtful teacher, Cortney is one of if not the most, positive, inspiring, and uplifting people that I’ve had the good fortune to know. Let's just say she walks the talk...

Melanie - Student