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Unleash your inner SHINE!


May 13, 2023

9:30a - 5p

►Notates general admission sessions

►Notates VIP Class Pass experiences (scroll to see full details for these sessions)




  • Check-in/Registration Begins

  • We open the gates at 9:30a for check-in (you can check in as late as 3:30pm)

  • Stop by one of our two welcome shelters to check-in and receive your wrist band:


  • Welcome and Opening Yoga Session at the SHINE Main Stage

  • Sponsored and hosted by Rogue Awakening



  • General Admission Activities

  • Scavenger Hunt (with over two thousand dollars worth of prizes at stake - let the games begin!)

  • Red Carpet Photobooth - live streamed on event day

  • Animal Reiki tent (donations for Portage APL)

  • Stop by our "Free Hugs" booth and take our Random-Acts-of-Kindness Challenge

  • Free Insomnia Cookies and Shine Water, from our partners while supplies last

  • Visit these practitioners and healers for 1x1 private experiences during the festival


Class session 1


  • Live Music + Shop + Eat

  • Join Funkology on the Main Stage - "Takin' Your Soul to School!"

  • Shop our vendors + food trucks


Class session 2

  • Big - Akasha Yoga with live music from singer/songwriter Katy Oberle

  • Little - Radical Gratitude with Ted Senf

  • Circle- Intro to Shinrin Yoku: Forest Therapy with Sarah Waite

  • Shine Main Stage - Real. Strong. Bodies. with our sponsor and friends at Burn Boot Camp


Class session 3

*You must purchase a VIP Class Pass ticket in order to attend any of the VIP Class Sessions listed above. Ticket holders will receive a wrist band that will be verified before each session.


General admission allows you to shop the vendors, and attend the opening community yoga session, along with enjoying the events on the main stage (live music). Please select the ticket option that suits your needs.

**Agenda is subject to change without written consent


SESSION details

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60-minutes of record breaking yoga!

Teacher: Amy Myers

Sponsored by: Rogue Awakening


Description: Your general admission pass will get you access to join us as we start our good-vibes festival with Rogue Awakening and SHINE for a 60-minute community yoga practice. 



Everything weighs something

Teacher: Ted Senf

Sponsored by: Sandy Bottom Bowls

Description: This session is a special adaptation to Ted's popular TEDx Talk on Traveling Light. Explore what Ted learned after hiking the El Camino in Spain for over a month - how it changed his life - and what you can do starting today to live a more meaningful, authentic life.

Erica photo for bio.jpg


Open your heart and mind

Teacher: Erica Crystol

Sponsored by: CrystolClear Naturals, LLC

Description: Cacao Ceremonies are a celebratory ritual that have been conducted by the Maya and Ancient Aztec civilization since 1900 B.C. Ceremonies were conducted by ancient shamans, to prepare for or be propelled into journeys. Our ceremony will be conducted by a modern-day medicine woman; one who has studied with Chief Haru of the Kuntanawa tribe. Learn more here.



Teacher: Laura Lewellyn

Description: The ancient Indian sages knew that decoding our destiny requires reading the signs of nature all around us–including our own two hands!  Together we will explore an introduction to the fascinating Indian science of palmistry. We will explore some simple tools accessible to anyone, empowering you to connect to your body in a new way and amaze your friends and family with your insights! Learn more.

auburn headshot 2 inch bw.jpg


Experience the healing powers of sound therapy

Teacher: Auburn Juliano-Herchek

Sponsored by: SHINE

Description: This session will be a mix of restorative poses, guided meditation and sound therapy using crystal singing bowls, Kashi chimes, tuning forks and other sound healing instruments.



Tap into your eternal wisdom

Teacher: Victoria Hess with live music by Katy Oberle

Sponsored by: Akahsa Yoga

Description: A style of yoga that combines gentle movement with 7-other fields in an effort to tap into your own eternal wisdom. During this intro class, Victoria will be your guide as you explore yoga asanas, guided meditation, breath, sound and end with Akasha Yoga's original sacred chant, performed by its creator, Katy. Learn more here.

Ted Rubber Duck_edited_edited.jpg


The next generation of healing

Teacher: Ted Senf

Description: We will investigate what has been called ‘the most transformative force in the cosmos’ and how to infuse it into our lives on a daily basis. We will move up the vibrational scale to find that ‘the purest vibration on the planet’ can be beating our hearts,
coursing through our veins and attracting the life we dream of and deserve.

sarah waite_edited_edited.jpg


The healing power of nature

Guide: Sarah Waite


Description: Explore the healing powers of Shinrin Yoku (aka forest bathing) as you learn about its' history, benefits, the step-by-step practice, and the invitations. Then, you will be given instructions on how to use this process and the invitations to experience your very own forest bathing experience. Learn more here. 

Zumba Dance Class


Strength + high intensity interval training

Teacher: Lorraine Williams

Sponsored by: Burn Boot Camp

Description: At Burn Boot Camp its never the same workout twice – Camps are designed within a Weekly Protocol, including a combination of strength and high intensity interval training

Amanda Liptak bw.jpg


3 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Teacher: Amanda Liptak

Sponsored by: Nutrient Rich Life

Description: Learn to make room for healthy eating habits, in this thoughtful yet, informative session on mindful eating. During our time together, I will share three key ways to shift your habits around eating where you can finally start seeing positive results.

Amanda is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, a Certified LEAP Therapist, and Mindset Coach.



Perception creates our world

Teacher: Tracy Clayman

Sponsored by: Mazda of Kent

Description: Research tells us that they way we frame a situation is predictive of the outcome. Therefore, before happiness and success, comes our perception of our world. Dip your toes in the concepts and practices needed to live a happy life in this introduction to Positive Psychology. Learn more here.

Nichole bw.jpg


Learning how to use your intuition

Teacher: Nichole Studd

Description:  Join us for a fun, light-heart experience as we learn how to tap into our intuition with Oracle Cards.

Sydney Jordon_edited.jpg


with Kent State University

Teacher: Sydney Jordan

Description:  Discover how to incorporate mindfulness skills and meditation into your life to better manage stress. Sydney leads us from the main stage in a group meditation with hundreds of people!


private experiences

Palm + Tarot reading

Laura Lewellyn will be offering 15-minute palm readings. Learn more 

Maary Ann will be offering Tarot readings.



Jaime from Massage Renewed will be on-site during the festival for an opportunity to book a relaxing massage!  You can sign-up ahead of time for festival-day massages here.


Access Bars is a gentle treatment that involves gently touching points on your head. Reaching Roots will be available all day for sessions and information.


War Horse Ink will be on-site providing consultations and opportunity for tattoo in the middle of the festival!


If temporary ink is more your style we have not one but two options for you: Akron Henna Art and
Henna by Varsha..

festival map

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