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This webinar has been post-poned and will be rescheduled for another date soon...


5 things every reiki practitioner must know

Everything in the field of wellness and personal growth can and should revolve around the basic concept of vibration. We live in a vibrational world and these 5 “must knows” will take your Reiki practice to the next level. Learn about these esoteric concepts in an easily understandable way; this can be a pivotal moment in your journey.


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  • Why Reiki heals; vibration and the human body

  • How everything either lowers or raises your vibration; nothing is neutral

  • What is the true meaning of a healer

  • How healing on four levels is the only way to bring about lasting change

  • How chakras are an indication of our personal frequency; maximize your practice with this information


If you are reading this, it is no accident, you are attracting this information for a reason. Hope you join us!


This class is taught by Cortney Martinelli, Reiki Master, CYT and author of the best-selling book: Love, Reiki, Vibration. Cortney has shared these concepts with thousands of clients and students, in turn, they have seen amazing growth both personally and professionally.

Cortney has been serving the Reiki community for a decade; learn more about her at